You are using a supplemental, third-party information center for TypeRacer, located at typeracer.com. This site is not formally affiliated with TypeRacer.

This site uses the raw race data freely available to everyone - see, for example, Valikor's last 50 races - and compiles it into possibly interesting tables.

There are currently 8,944 accounts and 16,911,349 races indexed in this database, an average of 1,891 races per account.

This site was constructed by Noah (licahfox). Please send any questions to licahfox@gmail.com, or check the TypeRacer IRC channel on Freenode, where he might be available.

This website is kindly hosted by seanwrona.com, the personal website of top TypeRacer player Sean Wrona.


How does the "text bests" stat work?
The "text bests" takes each text that the user has raced, finds their top score for each text, and averages those together. Whenever a user achieves a new personal best on a text, his or her "text bests" will improve. This encourages users to race on every text and finish each race.

How does the "marathon" stat work?
The "marathon" is any consecutive period of 24 hours (could start at any moment) during which a user completed the most races.

Why don't some of my races show up?
It appears that a very small number of races aren't exported by TypeRacer, so this site can't collect them. We're not sure why this happens. You can find out exactly which ones are missing using the skipped race checker.

Why isn't every TypeRacer account on this website?
Unless someone imports an account manually, or an account's speed or race tally makes it eligible for the top 800 lists, we don't know about the account. TypeRacer does not provide a complete export of its database.

What time zone does TypeRacer use?
TypeRacer uses Mountain Time Zone (GMT -7). This information applies to the timestamps found in the "Last 20 Races" or "Fastest 20 Races" sections of profiles.