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Welcome to, the official website for typing champion, archivist, and statistician Sean Wrona. I won the 2010 Ultimate Typing Championship at the South by Southwest Interactive Conference in Austin, TX, the Intersteno mother tongue championship three times, and the Intersteno multilingual championship twice. I set unofficial world records for fastest typing over a one minute interval and fastest typing over a 50 minute interval, among many other records on various sites. Additionally, I run, one of the larger auto racing statistical archives on the Internet and, a spinoff site where I invent sabermetric-style statistics for auto racing analysis, and I assist in running the TypeRacer statistical archive. I am the ratings compiler and statistician for the Mensa Scrabble-by-Mail SIG and an expert-rated tournament Scrabble player. I earned a bachelor's in economics and a master's in applied statistics from Cornell University. After a stint archiving box scores from professional sporting events for, where I most notably entered complete box scores for several NBA seasons, I now serve as a transcriptionist for the deaf. I have been interviewed for and occasionally mentioned in other articles.

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